250 Minutes, 250 Text/Picture* Messages, 10 MB Data

The 12 plan is our light usage package for minimal cell phone users. The 12 plan offers the right amount of talking and texting for anyone looking to save on their monthly bill. Plus, you get 10 MB of data so you can do things like occasionally check your email. It’s the perfect low budget, monthly plan.

If you use services beyond the voice minutes, text/picture* messages and data included in this plan (e.g., 411 calls, roaming, international voice, international text, premium SMS, excess data), you will incur additional charges that will reduce your account balance. Therefore, it is important to have a sufficient balance on your renewal date (at least $12) in order to renew your 12 plan.

Starting and Renewing The 12 Monthly Plan

Whether you are new to Page Plus or an existing Page Plus customer on a different plan, you must purchase and load an initial 12 plan PIN onto your account to subscribe to this plan. Once the plan is active, you can replenish it monthly with additional 12 plan PINs, which can be “stacked” in advance if you choose.

Optionally, you may renew your plan with Standard plan PINs, provided you carry a sufficient amount on your plan renewal date to renew your plan. Since Standard PINs have the effect of adding a cash balance to your account when you are on an active monthly plan, you can use your cash balance to automatically renew your monthly plan; as cash for additional charged services such as voice roaming; or to add a reserve to your account for “overages.” For example, if you run out of data on your plan before your renewal date and want to use more, you can use your cash balance to continue using data at the “overage” rate of the plan. If there is a stacked monthly plan PIN and a sufficient cash balance to renew the plan, the plan will renew from the cash balance before renewing from the stacked PIN.

Page Plus Cellular and Smart Shop are not responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced cards.


This card is non-transferable and non-refundable.

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